My Life On Wheels

Speed is just a question of money.
How fast do you want to go?

"My Life on Wheels" is my autobiography as it relates to the various vehicles in my life (whether I have owned them or ridden in them or on them).   The story is told in a unique way: via USA "personalized postage" stamps.

The tricky part in creating this pictorial autobiography of "my life on wheels" was being able to find appropriate photographs !   In a few instances, I've had to take freeze frames from videotapes in order to obtain the images.   Unless otherwise mentioned, all pictures are of the actual vehicles that I have owned; except for pictures from when I was very young, all pictures were taken by me (or a family member) unless otherwise mentioned.   From childbirth to present day, vehicles in my life are included; this can mean anything from my personal cars & motorcycles, to tricycles as a child, to rental cars as an adult and to things I might have seen because my mode of transportation took me there.

This project has been fun, in that it has allowed me to remember parts of my life that I might otherwise have forgotten about.  

This project has been made into a stamp exhibit and has been shown at the two yearly stamp shows/exhibitions in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex (the TEXPEX show in the spring and the Mid-Cities Stamp Club EXPO in November).



To make this more accessible to others, I have created this as an electronic book on a self-running CD-ROM which you can purchase via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted) at one of the links below (depending on whether shipment is within the USA or International):




For USA Orders:  $14.95 + $4.50 first class postage



International Orders:  $14.95 + $5.00 airmail postage


Note: These CD's are self-running, meaning that you do not have to install anything on your PC.  For people with Mac's, while there is a Mac viewer built-in, you'll have to start it manually.   The Apple OS-X operating system is a minimum requirement (sorry, I don't have a Mac so I can't help there, nor do I know whether this will run on any current Mac's...). 

The CD format is an "electronic book", whereby you simply click on a page with your mouse to make it turn.  Alternatively, you can run it as an automated slideshow or have the album "flip" the pages for you...

--> Windows 7 or Windows 10 alert if this CD won't run:  You have to navigate to the STARTCD (or STARTCD.EXE) file on the CD Drive (usually D or E), then right-click on the STARTCD (or STARTCD.EXE) file and set the compatibility to Windows Vista mode if possible.   Please note that I presently use a Windows 10 system and it works fine WITHOUT having set any compatibility mode.



Some of the "personalized postage" stamps featured in this CD are for sale on one of my other websites at .   I generally have a few spare copies of each of the stamps used to illustrate my exhibit and CD-ROM available for sale.  Check the other website for availability and pictures.








The "personalized postage" stamps used in my ebook were sold by four vendors:

Please note, that NONE of the above companies are presently selling customized USA postage, as the US Postal Service (USPS) stopped the customized postage program in June 2020 (at which time, was the only one selling PhotoStamps, while the other vendors stopped before then).

(Note:  I am a stamp collector and have NO affiliation with any of the aforementioned companies other than that I used to purchase personalized postage stamps from them)

In the past, when ordering custom postage stamps, images were submitted to these vendors to be analyzed prior to being printed on stamps to ensure that they meet certain guidelines imposed by the USPS.   Most of the vendors offered these stamps in various denominations ranging from the basic postcard rate, regular & multi-ounce first class rate to the priority mail rate.

All stamps had to be ordered in sheets of 20 stamps each.   Of the various stamps shown in this book, most were ordered only in a quantity of 1 sheet (20 stamps).   I usually kept a few for my collection, and used one set in a similarly titled stamp exhibit and have used varying quantities for actual postage usage on letters and packages to friends and family, leaving only a few to be sold to others.




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